Capturing data for 70 retail stores

California store chain

A California store chain with over 70 retail stores, many of them in old and inefficient building needed help capturing data to decide on upgrades.

With rising energy prices and new utility schedules, store management were looking for data on what improvement projects to focus on for each store, and what facilities to prioritize. Also being aware that some savings could be realized by changing routines or adjusting existing timers and thermostats, they required detailed data.
Most of the utility bills only showed total monthly usage, and in addition the data was several weeks old already when the bill arrived.

Each store was equipped with a 3-phase energy meter and an ezeio controller. Data from each phase is recorded every 5 minutes and weekly report is generated for each store. The report is automatically emailed to management.

The ezeio system provides store management with current and detailed data from each store. Working with their energy consultant, they now have factual data to determine where, and what kind of energy upgrades will have the best payback. Some facilities will be equipped with PV, some with new thermostats, while other locations only require changes in staff routines to reduce cost significantly.

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