DISCONTINUED - LIMITED STOCK - ezeio Wireless RH/Temp Sensor (Generation 1)

This product only works with our Generation 1 controllers

The battery-powered Wireless Sensor allows additional expandability with the ezeio Controller (NOTE: first generation units only).  Operating on standard AA batteries that can last up to 2 years, it has built in sensors for temperature, Relative Humidity and battery voltage, plus 3 external thermistor connections – a total of 6 data points in a small, easy to mount device.

Ideal for monitoring free-standing refrigeration units and any application where it isn’t practical to wire sensors directly to the ezeio controller.

The integrated Temp/RH sensor can also be used to calculate dew point for anti-sweat heat control or air enthalpy for HVAC economizers.


  • Wireless connection to the ezeio controller
  • Built-in temperature and Relative Humidity sensor
  • Connection for up to 3 thermistor probes
  • Up to 100m range. Secure communications.
  • Up to 9 expanders per ezeio Controller
  • Runs on standard AA batteries for up to 2 years
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Easy to mount, connect and configure
  • External radio link status LED


This product is part of our legacy ezeio system. It is still fully supported, but for new deployments we recommend our new mkII / second generation system.

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