Third party products

Dent PowerScout 3037

The Dent PowerScout 3 is a Wattmeter that features inupt voltages from 100 to 600 V, Delta or Y connections, and an interface that allows direct use of flexible CTs. It also has insulated voltage connections and two intregrated relay outputs. More Info »
by andreh

WattNode®, three phase energy meter

3-phase energy meter with Modbus
WattNode® Wattmeter for ModBus The WattNode® ModBus Wattmeter is a kilowatt hour kWh energy and power meter that communicates with the ezeio controller over a RS-485 network. More Info »
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Current Transformers

Current transformers
Current transformers for use with Watt meters. There are many types and sizes. More Info »
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Thermostat T32P

T32P thermostat
The T32P programmable thermostat
The T-32-P is a single zone thermostat, capable of running one, two or three stage systems. Up to 8 thermostats can be connected to a single ezeio. More Info »
by andreh

CO2 sensor

CO2 meter, Modbus
Wallmount CO2 meter for HVAC applications. Modbus communication. More Info »
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10 Analog in, 8 Relay, 4 Analog out expansion (Modbus)

10 AIN, 8RE, 4AOUT expansion (Modbus)
This I/O expansion module adds 10 inputs, 8 relays and 4 analog outputs to the ezeio system. The inputs can be wired to thermistors, voltages (0-3V) or More Info »
by andreh

ZigSense Wireless Sensor Network

ZigSense Gateway device
ZigSense™ is an Australian design and made line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee™ mesh and Digimesh™ wireless network technologies as its core communication channels. ZigSense systems contain More Info »
by andreh

16 Analog in, 4 Digital in, 2 Relay, 2 Analog out

Intech 2400-A16 I/O multiplexer
The Intech A16 is a capable I/O device with plenty of connectivity options. This device is ideal for high accuracy RTD or thermocouple sensors. More Info »
by andreh

Measurlogic Energy meters

MeasureLogic DTS
The Measurlogic DTS series meters accurately monitor electrical power and energy and are available for DC or 3 phase AC circuits More Info »
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Variable Frequency Drives

The ezeio Controller is compatible with Invertek ModBus VFDs. These drive are all special order and are sold per application. Please call for more information. More Info »
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WattsOn Power Transducer

WattsOn Universal Power Transducer
The Elkor WattsOn Power transducer is a 3-phase power/energy meter with Modbus communication and several CT options. More Info »
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The EZMeter is a small, low cost, Modbus enabled three phase Watt hour meter. The standard 120/240V model is UL listed. Support for other service types are also available. More Info »
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Meters, Thermostats and other devices

The ezeio Controller is compatible with a wide range of devices from several different manufacturers. Some of these devices are listed here.

eze System carries several of the models and brands listed. Please contact us for details.