Web interface

The powerful web service, ezecontrol.com, is your primary interface to the eze system. Through a single login you can access any number of controllers and sites using a standard web browser anywhere in the world.


The dashboard is a collection of widgets. Each widget can be configured to show live or historic data from one or many sensors and controllers. The widgets can be arranged on the screen by simply dragging/dropping them, and there can be any number of widgets on a single dashboard. There are two dashboards for each user. One is personal, and one is shared with all other users on the same account.

Status screen

The status screen shows the most current information from a controller. This information is typically updated every 3-4 seconds. All the inputs and outputs, as well as position, thermostat settings and event log is collected on this screen. The left column shows a list of all controllers on the account and their online status. Outputs can be turned on/off directly from this screen.


The configuration area provides access to all the features of the controller. Any updates made to the configuration is immediately saved in the database, and if the controller is online the change are automatically synced to the controller. If the controller is offline, the changes will be synced as soon as the controller is back online. All automatic, secure and robust.

Script editor

Most users never use script, but for the curious or advanced there is a script editor built right into the web user interface. Scripts can be written and downloaded just like other configuration, and will run in the controller within seconds after clicking save.

Account management

Each account allows for multiple users and multiple controllers. Unlike systems where each piece of hardware has a password, the ezeio system centralizes the management. This will make the system much easier to manage and with each user having a personal login, it’s easy to manage multiple access levels or deactivate a user when he leaves the company.

Web access

Unlike many other networked products, the ezeio does not have a built-in web server. Instead the web server is managed by eze System in three geographically separate data centers. There are several benefits with this model;

  • With powerful servers, the user experience can be made much better than on limited hardware.
  • Access to the web servers is managed via the same technologies as banks and high volume secure web sites use.
  • Users do not need to keep track of IP addresses or ports of the field units. Everything is accessed from the same web site.
  • Multiple users can access the system at the same time, and each user has access to multiple controllers from a single login.
  • The data and configuration for all systems are always backed up in multiple places.

Access to the web interface is always free. However we do charge for certain features, such as data logging, SMS/Voice reports and API access. See our Service options page for details.