16 Analog in, 4 Digital in, 2 Relay, 2 Analog out

Intech 2400-A16 I/O multiplexer

The Intech 2400-A16 is a capable Input/Output multiplexer, compatible with the ezeio Controller. The A16 has 16 isolated analog inputs capable of connecting directly to RTD or Thermocouple devices, as well as current loops or voltage sources. Each input can be individually configured.

The two on-board relays can be expanded to up to 32 additional relays using the 2400-R2 relay expansion device.

The A16 communicates with the ezeio Controller via Modbus. The ezeio makes the data from all the inputs available remotely via the web securely.


  • Up to 16 Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs, with Plug In Terminals.
  • Each Input Individually Selected & Scaled.
  • 16 Bit Resolution.
  • Isolated Input for RTD, T/C, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital.
    • RTD: Pt100/Pt1000, -200~320°C to -200~800°C.
    • T/C: B, E, K, J, N, R, S, T, with CJC.
    • mA: 0~20mA, 0~2.5mA.
    • mV: -25~25mV to -200~200mV.
    • V: 0~1V to 0~15V.
    • Pulse/Digital: Meter pulses, Counting and Frequency. Max speed 2500Hz.
  • Low cost Non-Isolated RTD Pt100/Pt1000 only Inputs also available.
  • Four Dedicated Digital, Isolated, Optocoupler Inputs.
    • State or Count.
    • Max speed 8000Hz.
  • Two Analogue, Isolated, 4~20mA Outputs.
  • Two Digital, Isolated, Relay Outputs.
  • Interface for 2400-R2 (16 & 32 Relay output expansion).
  • Easy Programming.
  • Programmable Relay States – NO or NC.
  • Comms Failure Time-out Using Relay 2.
  • Programming Information Retained on Power Down.
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply (three options to select).
  • Compact 35mm DIN Rail Mounting.


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