GPS magmount antenna

GPS antenna

The GSM/3G/GPS models of the ezeio controller has a connection for this GPS antenna. With the GPS antenna connected, the ezeio will be able to detect its geographical coordinates, which can be used to remotely monitor the location or to log how the controller moves.

The ezeio web UI can display a map with a live indicator of the position. It is also possible to set boundaries for “geo fencing”.

This GPS antenna puck has a strong magnet on the back, so it is very easy to mount on the roof of a vehicle. The puck needs a clear view of the sky to pick up the satellite’s GPS signals.

The antenna dimensions are 37x45x14mm (1.5×1.8×0.6″). It comes with 5m (16ft) antenna cable with a SMA male connector that matches the ezeio antenna GPS contact.

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