Modbus Cable Replacement Radios

Modbus Cable Replacement Radios

These radio modules makes it easy to connect any Modbus device to the ezeio controller without running wires. One module connects to the ezeio, and the other module connects to one or several meters, thermostats or other Modbus devices.

The radio modules are bidirectional and supports all features and functions of the ezeio system and Modbus devices. The radios have excellent range and does not interfere with WiFi or Bluetooth. Two diagnostic LEDs make it easy to verify wiring polarity.

The radio modules can be powered from AC or DC, so no extra power supply is needed when used in for example HVAC
systems where 24VAC is common.


• Pre-configured pairs. Comes ready to use.
• No configuration when used with the ezeio
• Completely transparent – works the same as a cable
• 150m/500ft indoor range
• Powered from AC or DC
• Diagnostic LEDs make installation easy
• 900MHz spread-spectrum technology

How they work

Modbus Cable Replacement system

Modbus Cable Replacement system

These radios work just like a wire – just without the actual wire. One radio connects to the controller (master), and a second radio connects to one or more Modbus devices. The communication is bidirectional

and provides the exact same features and functionality as if there was a wire between the networks. Multiple device-side radios may be used with a single radio on the master side.


The Modbus Cable Replacement Radios are manufactured by Peak Demand Automation.


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