WattsOn Power Transducer

WattsOn Universal Power Transducer

The WattsOn® is a three phase energy meter with several input options. WattsOn may be configured for 5A, 333mV or mA output CTs allowing it to work with many different split core, solid core or Rogowski Coil CT types.

WattsOn uses an external 24V power supply, which gives it flexibility to monitor most service types, from 208/120VAC to 600/347V. The meter can also be used to monitor three single phase loads or split phase + 240V loads.

WattsOn connects to the ezeio controller via Modbus. Up to 20 meters can be connected to the same controller via a daisy-chained communication wire. All parameters in the meter can be accessed remotely and logged via the ezeio system.

WattsOn is a registered trademark belonging to Elkor Technologies Inc.


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