Wireless I/O expander for the ezeio Controller

RF exp – 400 – nobg
RF exp - 400 - nobg

Easily expand the ezeio Controller with additional inputs and outputs using this wireless expansion module. Each input can be configured for 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-30mA, resistance/switched or pulse. In addition to the four inputs, there are also two Form-C relay outputs.

This wireless module is ideal for monitoring free-standing refrigeration units, hard to reach flow sensors or energy meters.

When used in pulse mode, each input has a non-volatile 32-bit counter, and the device will also measure the time between pulses up to 65s with ms resolution.


  • Four general purpose inputs
  • Two relay outputs
  • Up to 300ft range
  • Less than 0.2W self draw
  • Easy to mount, connect and configure
  • Up to 9 expanders per ezeio Controller
  • Built in non-resettable pulse count registers
  • External radio link status LED

Download the data sheet here.

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