ZigSense Wireless Sensor Network

ZigSense Gateway device

ZigSense™ is an Australian design and made line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee™ mesh and Digimesh™ wireless network technologies as its core communication channels. ZigSense systems contain a self healing network of wireless sensors designed for reliable monitoring and control functionality. A central ZigSense gateway coordinates the wireless network. The ezeio Controller connects via Modbus to the gateway and allows seamless access to the wireless resources.

Designed for low energy consumption, ZigSense wireless sensing nodes offer exceptional flexibility and ease of operation, minimizing costs associated with installing hard wire systems.

ZigSense wireless sensors can be easily integrated into the Smart Farm Environment, HVAC, BMS building automation, cold storage, deep freezers and refrigerators, glasshouse & greenhouse, silo & tank level, poultry farm, dairy, soil moisture, horticulture aquaculture, gas monitoring, environmental pollution, pivot irrigation, water meters, energy usage meters, water quality and more.

Advanced wireless technology, combined with standard communication protocols and low energy consumption qualify ZigSense wireless sensing systems as a suitable solution for a vast range of farm wide or industrial applications.

ZigSense wireless system topology

ZigSense wireless system topology

The ZigSense system is manufactured by ZigSense in Australia.

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