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  • Winning Features

We make remote monitoring and control via the Internet easier than ever. The ezeio system is designed to be easy to deploy and use for anything from a single temperature probe to large systems of meters, sensors, thermostats and control points. Monitor, log, alarm, control and automate – all in a single integrated system via any web browser.

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  • Web access

The ezeio hardware communicates with a powerful cloud based environment, fully integrated and ready to use. A single login gives you access to all your systems securely and in real time. Every input can be logged as often as every 10s and there are open API functions for integration with other systems.

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  • Big data

The ezeio Controller is designed to collect data. Monitor temperatures, energy, pressures, levels or anything else there is a sensor or meter for. The ezeio will collect and store the data safely in the cloud for easy access, analyze and reporting. Access the data using the built in dashboards, reports and graphing tools, or export it to spreadsheets or via API functions.

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  • Easy to install

Forget VPN’s and tricky router configurations. The ezeio plugs in to almost any network and just works. There is no software to install, no IP addresses to keep track of. You’ll be online within minutes after unpacking your first controller from the box. Connect a meter, sensor or turn other equipment on/off with relay outputs. Live and instant control from web, email, SMS and more.

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