title:Embedded analytics

Domain knowledge applied for the practice
True added value solutions

Advanced value creation through embedded analytics & AI

The ezeio® ensures that the system reliability is based on data processing and control at the "edge" of the industrial equipment. More complex industrial applications require usually additional computing power away from the "edge". The data aggregation and analytics for such applications can therefore be embedded in the ezeio® Cloud and are working closely together with the edge devices (ezeio® Hardware). In this way data can reliably be processed and communicated back the ezeio® Hardware for execution. Scheduling events for example are getting stored on the ezeio® Hardware so that they can be initiated even when the internet communication is intermitted. This hand-in-hand process makes the system extremely powerful and gives a new dimension to any application automation.

The highly optimized ezeio® System
distributes the computing power where it's needed the most

Making the system extremely powerful but at the same time lean, scalable and mostly important affordable for everyone.

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