Multi-discipline system

ezeio® - The proven multi-disciplinary IIoT system

The single system gives multi-disciplinary support on the equipment and application level. It handles multi-purpose challenges for remote industrial equipment as well as for entire application zones and systems. It's the only standard IIoT system which can handle non-standardized industrial applications. One hardware plus one cloud software for almost any equipment, application and industry. 

Equipment integration

Standardized integration for all equipment types.

  • The system is equipment and unit agnostic through normalizing all inputs and outputs. This allows to standardize the integration and handling of all connected devices regardless of its type and purpose.
  • The ezeio® is the first proven standard IIoT system of its kind for non-standardized industrial applications.

System functionality

Multi-purpose functionality on equipment & application level.

  • Standalone remote devices and industrial equipment can be monitored, controlled and automated. Various types of equipment can be consolidated to application zones. Those application zones can be interconnected to systems.
  • The ezeio® is designed to handle multi-purpose applications in the same way and with the same system.

Deployment consolidation 

Flexible equipment and application consolidation.

  • Equipment and applications are getting virtually consolidated so that the user has the full flexibility to change or modify the setup.
  • The ezeio® allows a unique, seamless and automated bottom up aggregation of devices and equipment to application zones and systems.
  • Adding additional devices and equipment do not add more complexity to the applications.

One system for all purposes.

Just one system for almost any

  • industrial device, equipment and system,
  • application & industry,
  • deployment volumes and
  • location in the world.

Multi-discipline support with one system

100% remotely managed from a single hub.

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