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eze System, Inc.
Headquarters USA

eze System - IIoT pioneers since 2009!

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eze System is a privately held US Corporation with its head office in Sacramento, CA. All hardware, software service and system designs has been fully developed in-house. The combined hardware/SaaS model is designed for ease of use, scalability and fast deployments in a global marketplace. More than 6,000 systems have been deployed to date in various parts of the world.

Solving complex controls & automation challenges pain-free & future-proof is eze System’s absolute passion. Their proven end-to-end ezeio® System allows to remotely connect any type of industrial equipment, process or system. No other IIoT Solution has the wealth of features and functionality which include core components such as Location Tracking, Monitoring, Control, Automation, Consolidation, Transaction Management and Analytics/AI Integration. 

Creating customer value by improving productivity and quality as well as enabling business growth and expansion is their commercial focus. The innovative ezeio® approach is streamlining & accelerating their customer’s knowhow and this without the need for expensive consultancy & complex engineering. Converting domain expertise into automated applications is now possible in a scalable, practical and cost-effective way.


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Anything the eze System does is checked against below principles:

  • Fast - Ensuring a fast execution with their solution implementation
  • Nimble - Having a nimble approach when helping their customers
  • Now - Now is the time for making an immediate impact when working with their customers
  • Low instep - Allowing their customers to have a financially and timely low instep into their technology 

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