Your domain expertise converted into automation
Accelerate your knowhow

ezeOptimize - Optimize your applications
by converting your domain expertise into automation

Do you have a substantial domain knowledge in an industrial segment but have problems to implement it? Do you want to market and and scale this expertise in form of an application package? Did you ever want to expand your business by selling a service and a resulting recurring income? We will help you to convert your knowhow into system automation and ultimately into an sellable application. We will closely collaborate with you and aim for a long term partnership.

Improve your business processes by building automated and optimized applications & systems - This option closes the continuous improvement circle and allows to manage & optimize complete applications & ecosystems. It will result into productivity and quality improvements (cost reductions) and growth and expansion opportunities (revenue generation). Building improved but more importantly new business models will result into a real value creation and competitive edge.

Customer desire

ezeManage plus ...

  • Building application(s) & solution(s)
  • Create new revenue streams


  • Standard ezeio® mkII solution
  • Customized
  • Developed for specific domain & segment

Integration effort

Medium to high

Level of cooperation

  • Collaboration
  • Partnership

eze System converts domain knowledge into automation

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