Well thought through & balanced system architecture
Complete, powerful & user-friendly

End-to-end ezeio® System architecture

The ezeio® is an end-to-end system and based on a single hardware and a globally accessible cloud-software Solution which ensures that nothing else is needed between the user and its remote equipment.

The ezeio® Hardware itself is small, light and industrial hardened. It incorporates all components which are needed from acquiring data, managing applications on the edge and communicating data to and from the cloud-backend. The powerful cloud-software fully synchronises the management processes from single to hundred thousand of devices.

The eze.io user interface is the single and only "Hub" for accessing and managing the entire system with its wealth of features. This doesn’t just industrial hardened the ezeio® but it also fully streamlines its use and this regardless of the type of applications.

The all-inclusive IIoT system

Complete, generic but customizable & multi-disciplinary

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