title:Edge computing

Highly optimized system architecture based on edge computing
Computing power applied where it's needed

Edge computing - When intelligence & robustness move to the edge

Robustness and reliability is key for industrial applications. There is no excuse for losing data, sluggish speed and lack of scalability. eze System mastered its IIoT system by moving the processing and control of power to where it’s needed the most, at the edge of the equipment and source of data. Data gets automatically logged and processed on the equipment level which optimizes the data communication and processing. It ensures that the local system is still functioning without loss of data even when the internet is interrupted. The ezeio's entire core functionality is built around edge and supported by cloud computing. Robustness, reliability and scalability are therefore guaranteed.

Top-notch reliability

Autonomous operation

Highly efficient communication

Processing power where it’s needed – at the edge of the equipment & source of data

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