Hassle-free IIoT

Hassle-free IIoT
Our ezeio® System can be applied by everyone

ezeio® - Hassle-free & most feature-rich IIoT system

Despite its complexity the ezeio® System is highly user-friendly throughout all aspects of the system and its use in real world applications. Built purposely for the internet and designed with the user in mind.


  • The ezeio® System is built on best-in-class and secure remote connectivity.
  • It applies industrial hardened security from the 1st second of use without configurations and burden to the user.

End-to-end system

  • The ezeio® System requires no additional hard- or software components for the remote monitoring, control and automation of equipment & applications.
  • It combines I/O units, edge computing architecture, data logging, communication and system features in one SKU and for all IIoT purposes.

Future-proof architecture

  • The newest hard- and software architecture, its broad and powerful features and multi-disciplinary support for equipment and applications integration making it future-proof for its users for many years to come.
  • It is possible to start very simple with just acquiring sensor data and move over time into more complex challenges such full application automation.

Highly scalable

  • The ezeio® is capable of seamlessly handling hundred thousands of sensors and industrial equipment. Every aspect of the system was designed with scalability, redundancy and ease-of-use in mind.
  • Everything related to the equipment deployments is managed remotely through a centralized hub and is getting automatically synchronized.

All-inclusive IIoT system

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