Security without compromises

Best-in-class built-in industrial hardened security

The foundation of the ezeio® System architecture is built on inherited secure remote internet connectivity. The ezeio® is secure-by-design and has real security woven into its architecture. Other systems have to be made secure. In contrast with the ezeio® System which can not be made not secure.


  • No standard interfaces means no access opportunity
  • Proprietary operating System (OS) makes it resistance to common attacks
  • Unique hardware certificates making cloning meaningless


  • User interface (UI) is run via a dedicated front-end web server which is enforcing SSL 

IT infrastructure / servers

  • Dedicated & only accessible by selected eze System staff
  • AWS VPC, multiple servers, redundant services
  • Data (credentials) are stored with no direct internet access

Communication / encryption

  • PKI handshake & certificate validation
  • Unique one-time 128-bit key for each session
  • Message counters and random salt/timers prevents spoofing
  • User credentials can’t be revered into actual password

Secure from the 1st second of usage

ezeio® System can't be made not secure

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