ezeio mkII Cloud Software

The ezeio® mkII Cloud Software (eze.io)

ezeio® System is 100% remotely managed with total control for the user

The powerful eze.io User Interface

One single "hub" for all technical & managerial user needs. 

Through the eze.io User Interface any number of users can access any number of ezeio® Hardware units based on their individual privileges. 100% of the system features and functionalities are managed through the web portal. This is a significant security feature as there is no other way to interact with the system ... not remotely, not locally on the hardware level.

  • Account Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Scripting Editor
  • Live status
  • Dashboards
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Timers & Schedules
  • Mapping & Geofencing

Group & account management

Create any numbers of accounts & groups.

  • The group & account tree functionality is a very powerful managerial tool for the entire deployed systems. It allows to structure the deployments in an form or way, i.e. by  location, by type of equipment, by business unit or it allows you to map your own and your customers commercial ecosystem.
  • There are no upper limits for creating groups and accounts as well as levels within the tree structure.

User management & privileges

A very unique system for managing the access rights for every single user. 

  • The user management and privileges system within the eze.io environment is another extraordinary functionality which allows inviting users into any specific group and account with very specific access rights.
  • Users can be invited various groups and accounts individually and this within the up- and downstream tree structure.
  • The privilege system gives the option to assign very specific access rights and privileges for each invited user which will ensure that users only have the privileges they need for their specific needs and assignments. A single user can have different privileges for different groups and accounts.
  • The privileges span in small increments from very limited "view only" to full administrator rights.

Dashboard & widgets

Customized data visualization for sensors to whole applications and systems.  

The dashboards can be freely created based on predefined widgets. There are no limits set in term of the size of the dashboards or the number of used widgets. Widgets can be simple such as dials and graphs but also very powerful applications in itself with control and automation functionality ("Super Widgets"). They are either used from the standard eze.io library or can be created by eze System based specific user requirements. Here some examples of the widget types:

  • Field value/text widgets
  • Dials/gauge widgets
  • Graphs widgets
  • Tables widgets
  • Push/sliding button widgets
  • Clock/date widgets
  • Map widgets with geofencing details
  • Aggregation "Super Widgets" (in table or map form) for the consolidation of deployments, applications and systems
  • Scheduling "Super Widget"

Above widget types can be combined into newly created widgets for customization purposes by the eze System development team. This will give full flexibility for creating new custom applications.

The unique ezeio® configuration management system

Total control of every single ezeio® deployment.

The configuration management system is the "heart" of the ezeio® mkII System. It gives 100% control of the configurations for every deployed ezeio® mkII Hardware and this from simple settings to complex scripting. The current configuration management components are:

  • System status overview
  • Fields overview & management
  • Alarms & notification configuration
  • Timers configuration
  • Schedule configuration
  • Calendar configuration
  • Device/driver overview & management
  • User scripting management

All configuration updates within the system are fully automated and synchronised. Even offline ezeio® mkII hardware units are managed automatically. They will be updated with the latest configuration whenever the are again online. This takes every burden of the user so that she/he can focus on its core work. 

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