The ezeio® System's best-in-class attributes

Totally unmatched in its class

Future-proof multi-disciplinary IIoT system

Same ezeio® Hardware, Cloud-Software & UI for all applications

  • The same single system gives multi-disciplinary support on the equipment and application Level. It handles multi-purpose challenges for remote industrial equipment as well as for entire application zones and systems.
  • There is usually no need to look for any other system than the ezeio® as the same can be integrated and deployed for most applications within a ecosystem. The solution gets adapted and customized for the individual applications just by its software configuration. The ezeio® is a single SKU for industrial equipment and application types. This allows that most applications can be consolidated within the ezeio® system.

Consolidating data which never was available in a single system.

Highly flexible virtual cloud consolidation

Any equipment is getting directly connected to the cloud

  • Every ezeio® is a self-sufficient unit which communicates directly with the ezeio® cloud. There are therefore no complex and costly fieldbus installations on the local application level required.
  • The local equipment integration can grow over time without to consider what equipment already got connected.
  • Its entirety up to the user how the applications are getting consolidated. If consolidated by i.e. equipment type, location, application or customer can be freely chosen and also change when needed.
  • The system is made for fast, highly flexible and scalable as well as cost-effective deployments.

100% unit & equipment agnostic 

Standardized integration for all equipment types

  • The system is equipment and unit agnostic through normalizing all inputs and outputs. This allows to standardize the integration and handling of all connected devices regardless of its type and purpose.
  • The ezeio® is the first proven standard IIoT system of its kind for non-standardized industrial applications.

Full flexibility out-of-the-box!

Cloud-level consolidation significantly simplifies local installation 

  • The complexity of the local installation work and remote configuration does not increase by connecting more sensors, actuators, devices and equipment to the ezeio® System. The workload grows more on a linear scale due to the avoidance of complex local fieldbus installations. 

Various options for equipment integration

There are multiple opportunities to integrate the ezeio® System

  • OEM integration into newly building devices and equipment
  • Retrofitting to newly installed or existing used equipment
  • Integration during site & system installations

It's time to see our ezeio® mkII solution with the mkII Hardware & Cloud Software