title:Embedded system

End-to-end system architecture
No burden for the user

Embedded system, made for people, designed for the internet

Making IIoT cost-effective, seamless and scalable is not easy. eze System designed its entire ezeio® from scratch, specifically for the internet and minimized any variables and risks for its users. The fundamentals were set by creating a single embedded hardware and software system which requires no additional components for its use. All it’s needed are sensors, actuators or devices which should be connected and an internet access. The ezeio® is a closed system but open on “front” (inputs/outputs) and at the “back” (UI, API). This is truly end-to-end and just requires three seamless interacting components, the ezeio® Hardware, Cloud and User Interface.

Yes, it's that simple

eze System significantly simplified IIoT for its users

Converting a highly complex undertaking into a simple and easy to use end-to-end system.

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