Files and documents

Some of the files below are supplied by third parties, and we keep them here for convenience with the permission from their respective owners.


ezeio® (Generation 1), User Manual

The most recent full user and installation manual for the ezeio controller. AAC, AAD, AAE, AAF and AAG models.

NOTE: Documentation for the ezeio mkII system is available online at

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ezeio® (Generation 1), User Manual (AAA-AAB LEGACY)

User manual for AAA and AAB model ezeio controllers.

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Scripting Language Guide

This describes the Pawn Scripting language in detail. Please also refer to the ezeio user manual for specifics when creating your own scripts.

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ezeio® (Generation 1), T32P Thermostat Installation Manual

Installation manual for Jackson T-32-P thermostat for software version 2.19-2.20

Download   287 KB

ezeio® (Generation 1), T32P Thermostat Operation Manual

Operation manual for Jackson T-32-P thermostat, Version 2.19

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Data sheets ezeio mkII

ezeio® mkII (Generation 2), Quick Start Guide

Describes in short form how to get started with the ezeio controller.

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ezeio® mkII (Generation 2), Brochure, 12 pages, September 2022

ezeio mkII Hardware, Cloud & User Interface, architecture, eze System introduction, brochure, 12 pages

ezeio mkII_Leaflet_DINA4_12 pa.pdf
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ezeio® mkII (Generation 2), capability overview & hardware specification, 2 pages, October 2022

ezeio mkII Hardware, Cloud & User Interface, architecture, eze System introduction, brochure, 12 pages

ezeio mkII_Overall Capabilitie.pdf
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Data sheets ezeio Gen1

ezeio® (Generation 1), Datasheet

One page data sheet for the ezeio controller

Download   503 KB

ezeio® (Generation 1), Visualization flyer

One page flyer, visualization solution.

Download   652 KB

ezeio® (Generation 1), wireless Temp/RH sensor data sheet

Wireless temperature & humidity sensor for the ezieo

Download   239 KB

ezeio® (Generation 1), RF input/output expander data sheet

wireless I/O expander for the ezeio

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Data sheets Accessories

T32P Thermostat data sheet

Data sheet and connection diagram

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App notes and use cases

ezeio® (Generation 1), Submetering with the ezeio

This documents describes how to set up the ezeio in a submetering application.

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Pawn/scripting introduction

A gentle introduction to programming. A good document to read if you have no experience with programming and want to start learning.

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