All our ezeio® Hardware is super powerful and flexible!


*ezeio® mkII (Generation 2)

Our flagship controller with built-in LTE/CAT-M1 communication.


ezeio® - Cellular (Generation 1)

With both the local 868/900MHz radio and the GSM/3G/GPS modem added to all the standard features of the ezeio Controller, this is our top end product.


ezeio® - Standard (Generation 1)

The ezeio is a secure and simple networked control solution. With general purpose inputs and outputs, ModBUS and Microlan interfaces it can be used for logging, monitoring and control of just about anything.



Expansion Devices

ezeio Wireless I/O (Generation 1)

This wireless expansion module adds four general purpose inputs and two outputs to the ezeio controller. The module communicates wirelessly with the ezeio controller and is very easy to set up


ezeio Wireless RH/Temp Sensor (Generation 1)

The battery-powered Wireless Sensor allows additional expandability with any ezeio Controller.  Operating on standard AA batteries that can last up to 2 years, it has built in sensors for RH and Temperature