Go the next continuous improvement step
Get in control of your deployed assets

ezeManage - Control and manage your equipment, applications or systems

Is ezeConnect not going far enough? You want to remotely control and manage your equipment and applications then it’s ezeManage. Based on CONNECT the additional control and automation functionality will help you to create right business values. We will help you with the initial steps.

Go the next step by remotely managing your Equipment & Applications - This is a great opportunity for managing your equipment & systems based on real-time & data-driven insights. The control of your distributed assets will allow you to utilize your manpower and resources where it's adding the most value.

Customer desire

ezeConnect plus ...

  • Control & automation
  • Aggregation of deployments 


  • Standard ezeio® mkII solution
  • Customization available

Integration effort

  • Low to medium

Level of cooperation

  • Interaction
  • Consultative

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