Water for everyone

Mastering scalable deployments in cost sensitive India


Clean drinking water is a human right

Water shortage in India is an ongoing crisis in India that affects nearly 600 million people each year. There is a clear disconnect between water, society, economy and affordability. Unfortunately the Indian government, as so many governments, doesn't have the means to make clean affordable drinking water available to the masses. Therefore the deployment of Water Vending Machines got initiated as solution for the decentralized purification and distribution of water ... at no cost to the government. Private industrial players are now asked to find suitable solutions.


Scalable & swiftly deployment of water to masses

The idea of decentralizing the water purification and distribution of water sounds very promising but how can this be realized in a economical and timely manner? How can you make money on just five Rupees or less per liter water? The private economy is challenged to lift the capital expenditure as well as the long term operation of such Water Vending Machines from the sales of the water. This is a task which can only be solved when the deployments and management of vending machines are of a highly scalable nature. 

Our solution

Integrate standard ezeio® mkII with Terminal as single multi-purpose system

eze System reviewed the project and divided the challenge into four major technical categories:

  1. Equipment monitoring
  2. Equipment control
  3. Equipment automation
  4. Transaction management

All of the categories weren integrated into the standard ezeio® mkII Hardware and Software by developing and integrating the custom driver scripts.  No hardware or firmware changes were needed. The standard ezeio® mkII System provided all the functionality and features required to conquer such complex application challenge. The standard ezeio® solution is already equipped from the ground off for coping with system requirements which were in the past only be addressable by traditional complex and expensive systems. User-friendliness and scalability is in eze System's blood since its inception.

 Equipment monitoring (health)

  • Machine Process Monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Data logging
  • Alarming & event reporting
  • Location Tracking

Equipment control (direct)

  • Remote account management
  • Remote configuration of system/accessories
  • Auto synchronization of system updates
  • Remote pricing scheme changes
  • Personnel authorization

Equipment automation (controller)

  • Dispensing control
  • Water purification process
  • Filter/system cleaning
  • HMI

Transaction management

  • Sales/Transaction management
    • Sales tracking, cash reconciliation & reporting
    • Cash & cashless transaction
  • Local data storage
  • Personnel authorization/authentication

Solution overview