Mar 22, 2021

March 2021 - eze System and Swarm Technologies entered into a global integration partnership

eze System is excited to announce the incorporation of Swarm Technologies’ cutting-edge satellite connectivity solution into its unique industrial IoT (IIoT) system. The addition of Swarm will turn eze’s solution into a truly global 2-way communication system at a very attractive cost.

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The ezeio® is a multidisciplinary IIoT solution for monitoring, control, automation and consolidation of any type of remote industrial sensor, device or equipment. The end-to-end solution is hassle-free, future-proof and highly scalable. Only a single hardware and cloud-software solution is needed to tackle an endless number of control and automation challenges in a wide variety of industrial segments and applications. It seamlessly handles a large volume of deployed units and allows users to virtually consolidate them for application and event automation purposes. With the addition of Swarm’s satellite technology, eze System is now adding another dimension to its capabilities.

Swarm’s 100% global satellite coverage means that ezeio® devices can be connected anywhere in the world, at all times. This opens up endless new possibilities for devices that need to be deployed in rural or remote locations that lack reliable cellular or other terrestrial-based connectivity solutions. 

“Swarm’s satellite technology is the final missing puzzle piece for our solution portfolio”, said Thomas Weuthen, VP of Business Development at eze System. “It adds a new dimension to our ezeio® system and will allow us to help our customers with their controls and automation challenges in any part of the world. It’s great to be one of the early adopters of such technology and to work with Sara, Ben and the rest of the incredible Swarm team on the commercializing of the system.”

The flexible ezeio® solution works across many industries that often require devices to be deployed in extremely remote areas with poor connectivity, including agriculture, construction, energy management, oil & gas and water management. Swarm’s global network will ensure that the ezeio® controllers are able to reliably transmit data, no matter where in the world they are needed. Swarm’s 2-way data transfer capability also allows users to send control commands to their devices in response to changing conditions. The ezeio’s edge computing architecture ensures reliable, robust and scalable installations while also minimising the data traffic.

“We are thrilled to help eze deploy their cross-industry solution wherever it is needed, without being constrained by the availability of cellular coverage,” said Sara Spangelo, CEO and co-founder of Swarm. “Reliable, fully global connectivity is essential to many businesses operating in rural or remote locations, and we are excited to see the new markets and applications that eze can support now that their solutions are available on every point of the globe at all times.”


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About Swarm Technologies

Swarm provides the world's lowest-cost two-way satellite communications network. Founded in 2016, Swarm is committed to making data and communications accessible to everyone, everywhere on Earth. Swarm's uniquely small satellites enable the company to provide network services and user hardware at the industry's lowest cost and deliver maximum value to customers across a range of industries including maritime shipping, agriculture, energy, and ground transportation, providing the highest value for low bandwidth IoT use cases such as asset tracking and sensor monitoring. Swarm currently has 93 satellites in orbit providing 100% global coverage and is commercially available today. To learn more, visit


About eze System

eze System is a privately held US Corporation with its head office in Sacramento, CA. All hardware, software service and system designs have been fully developed in-house. The combined hardware/SaaS model is designed for ease of use, scalability and fast deployments in a global marketplace. More than 6,000 systems have been deployed to date in various parts of the world. Solving complex controls & automation challenges pain-free & future-proof is eze System’s absolute passion. Their proven end-to-end ezeio® System allows them to remotely connect any type of industrial equipment, process or system. No other IIoT Solution has the wealth of features and functionality. Creating customer value by improving productivity and quality as well as enabling business growth and expansion is their commercial focus. The innovative ezeio® approach is streamlining & accelerating their customer’s knowhow and this without the need for expensive consultancy & complex engineering. Converting domain expertise into automated applications is now possible in a scalable, practical and cost-effective way. Please visit for more information.


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