ABB B23/B24 Three phase electricity meters

General features

B23 is a three phase direct connected meter up to 65 A and B24 is a three phase transformer connected for 5 A. The B23 and B24 are measuring active energy with accuracy class B (Cl. 1). The low rated or base currents of these products ensures high dynamic performance with superior accuracy even at low currents. Navigation of the meters is easily done via the push-buttons below the display. The exceptional low power consumption of the meters, less than 1.6 VA, makes them economical in the long run-an important feature specially for large meter populations.


Data from B23 and B24 can be collected via pulse output or serial communication. The meters are equipped with a transistor output for 5-40 VDC external supply. It can be used for pulses proportionally to the measured energy or various alarms. The meters are also available with built-in serial communication interfaces for Modbus RTU (RS-485) or M-Bus as options.


The B23 and B24 meters support reading of instrument values. A large number of electrical properties can be read. • Active power - Total and per phase • Voltage - Total and per phase • Current - Total and per phase • Power factor • Frequency


The B23 and B24 meters are type approved according to IEC as well as type approved and verified according to MID. MID is the Measure Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC from European Commission. The type approval is according to standards that covers all relevant technical aspects of the meter. These include climate conditions, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical requirements, mechanical requirements and accuracy


Product leaflet

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