DISCONTINUED - ezeio® controller - Cellular (Generation 1)

With both the local 868/900MHz radio and the GSM/3G/GPS modem added to all the standard features of the ezeio Controller, this is our top end product.


DISCONTINUED - ezeio® controller - Standard (Generation 1)

The ezeio is a secure and simple networked control solution. With general purpose inputs and outputs, ModBUS and Microlan interfaces it can be used for logging, monitoring and control of just about anything.


ezeio® mkII controller (Generation 2)

Combining all hardware & firmware components needed for making IIoT work. 100% remotely managed, configured & synchronized.

  • Input/Output Unit
  • Data Logger
  • Modem (LTE Cat M1) & Gateway
  • PLC (edge processing)
  • System Functionality