GPS receiver, magnetic mount

GPS receiver/antenna puck with serial communication.

Contains a magnet to keep it in place on any flat magnetic surface.

Excellent sensitivity and supports GPS and GLONASS networks for reliable positioning.

Connects to the ezeio SDI-12 port. Note that when used with this receiver, the SDI-12 port cannot be used for other devices at the same time.

  • Receiver type:72-channel 8030 engine,GPS & QZSS:L1 C/A,1575.42MHz, GLONASS L1OF, 1598.0625~1605.375MHz
  • Horizontal accuracy: down to 2.0m
  • Time to first fix (Cold/Warm start): 26s / 1.5s (50%, 130dBm)
  • Sensitivity : -148dBm (acquisition), -167dBm (tracking)
  • Protocol: NMRA 0183 @ 9600bps
  • 53mm diameter, 22mm thick, 2m cable (can be extended)

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