*ezeio® mkII (Generation 2)

The ezeio Controller comes ready to use to start monitoring, logging and controlling your assets over the Internet.

As soon as the controller is connected to power and an Internet connection, it will start communicating with the eze System servers. There is no need for special software or network setup. The ezeio connection is encrypted, bidirectional and very efficient.

The built-in cellular modem supports LTE/CAT-M1 for all bands used globally. The ezeio comes pre-configured with an active SIM card, and will start working as soon as power it applied.

If connected to a LAN with Internet access, the ezeio will automatically use the physical connection for server communication, but automatically switch to cellular if the physical connection becomes unavailable.


  • 8 analog general purpose inputs (0-10V / 4-20mA / Thermistor / S0-pulse / digital)
  • 2 general purpose outputs (max 200mA)
  • One 50Hz PWM output (optionally used as a third general purpose output)
  • One Analog 0-10V output (max 10mA)
  • Modbus/RTU compatible serial port
  • SDI-12 compatible serial port optionally used for a GPS receiver.
  • J1939 compatible CAN port
  • Standard Ethernet 10/100 port
  • Modbus/TCP support (server & client)
  • 8-25VDC supply, <1W typical draw
  • Up to 90 fields (data points)
  • Logging interval standard 10 minutes on all fields
  • 50+ days onboard log buffer, automatic upload to secure server databases
  • Up to 300 user-configurable alarms
  • Alarms can send email, control outputs, set modes and more
  • 10-year calendar, Schedules and Timers
  • Live access from standard web interface
  • No special firewall or network configuration
  • HTTP JSON API available for easy integration with other systems
  • Zero on-site configuration required
  • Includes Antenna with mounting bracket
  • DIN rail mount or screw to flat surface
  • The ezeio is designed and manufactured in the US.

The ezeio is suitable for a wide range of applications – from temperature alarms, submetering and thermostat control, to complex control applications. The system is designed to be easy to install and deploy in anything from single sites to thousands spread out over the globe.

This product is made by eze System and typically available in stock.

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