ezeio® mkII I/O expander


8x general purpose inputs (discrete, on pluggable terminal, fully configurable)

  • 0-10VDC (2.5mV resolution, >65kΩ input impedance)
  • 0-30mA (12.5uA resolution, 200Ω internal shunt)
  • 0-1MΩ resistance (<2% accuracy in the range 2k – 700kΩ)
  • Thermistor (100kΩ/10kΩ/2kΩ types, internal excitation)
  • Dry switch (on/off, optional internal excitation)
  • Pulse (S0 or KYZ, max. 400Hz, optional internal excitation, monitor pulse rate and/or pulse count/ frequency/interval)
  • Electronic configuration of pull-up / shunt
  • Protected with PTC
  • Internal 0.5% reference


8x general purpose digital outputs (discrete, on pluggable terminal, fully configurable)

  • digital (on/off), sourcing max. 100mA each

2x general purpose analog outputs (discrete, on pluggable terminal, fully configurable)

  • analog, 0-10V, 0.1V resolution (sourcing up to 10mA)

1x 5V DC output terminal

Expansion opportunities

A total of 7 ezeio I/O expander (EM2088) can be used with a single ezeio mkII Hardware

Dimension & weight 

  • W: 108mm/4.3in, H: 90mm/3.6in (excl. connectors), D: 33mm/1.3in
  • Allow 50mm top & bottom for connectors & wiring
  • 35mm DIN rail or screw mounted
  • Weight: 0.150kg/5.3oz


  • I/O expanders are powered via the ezeio mkII Hardware and must be sidecar mounted (the use of any extension cable is not recommended)
  • Operating Temperature -20 to 65°C
  • Operating Humidity - 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • IP40 (use indoors/in electrical enclosure)

This product is made by eze System and typically available in stock.

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