WattNode®, 3-phase Energy Meter

WattNode® Wattmeter for ModBus

The WattNode® ModBus Wattmeter is a kilowatt hour kWh energy and power meter that communicates with the ezeio controller over a RS-485 network.

The WattNode® uses external Current Transformers. Select the right size CT for your application, taking into account both the max current (Amp) and the diameter of the conductor.

Up to twenty (20) wattmeters can be connected to the same ezeio Controller.

Download the full manual

The following measurements are made available to the ezeio *:

  • True RMS Power – Watts (Phase A, B, C, all phases)
  • Reactive Power – VARs (Phase A, B, C, all phases)
  • Power Factor (Phase A, B, C, all phases)
  • True RMS Energy – Watthours WH kWh (Phase A, B, C, all phases)
  • Reactive Energy – VAR-hours (All Phases)
    AC Frequency
  • RMS Voltage (Phase A, B, C)
  • RMS Current (Phase A, B, C)

*) The ezeio limits the total number of inputs per system to 40.


  • Small form factor for easy installation inside most electrical panels.
  • Pluggable screw terminals for easy wiring
  • 0.5% accuracy nominal (see manual for details)
  • True RMS power even with leading or lagging power
  • factor and chopped or distorted waveforms
  • Measure variable speed drive pumps and motors
  • Safe CT’s, producing 0.333 VAC at rated current.
  • Split core CTs for quick installation
  • Solid core CTs are less expensive and prevent tampering
  • Custom and standard Bus Bar sized CTs
  • UL, cUL Listed – Designed and tested for safety and use throughout North America.
  • Can be extended wirelessly.

® WattNode is a registered trademark of Continental Control Systems LLC

This product has been tested to work with our ezeio system, however eze System do not stock or resell this product.

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