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Apr 5, 2021

Add global IIoT connectivity to the ezeio in just 2 seconds - Hassle-free & fully embedded.


Apr 5, 2021

Powerful IIoT solution for agricultural, construction, energy, water and many more applications.

Let us know how we can’t help you to manage your deployed equipment and applications.

Monitoring- Control- Automation - Consolidation.

Mar 22, 2021

Swarm’s satellite connectivity solution will be embedded into eze System’s end-to-end IIoT system - making it a truly global solution


Mar 20, 2021

... coming soon.

Mar 16, 2021

We at eze System, Inc. are excited as we will add a 4th dimension to our unique IIoT solution by adding a new data communication technology. We can help you you wherever you are and wherever you need us.

We keep you in then loop!

Monitor - Control - Automate - Consolidate

Sep 25, 2020

James Nichols, President of Nichols Farms sent us a great note a few days ago.

We are closely collaborating with @Hotspotag our California-based ezeOptimize partner on the continuous development of the HotSpot Ag Track & Control platform. The comprehensive irrigation automation system is built on partners Ag domain expertise and on our multidisciplinary ezeio System. The success with Nichols Farms is showing that we been jointly mastering irrigation challenges.

It’s great to be reminded why we are doing all that work.

Thanks Jimmy!